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It is impossible to progress without change, and those who do not change their minds can not change anything

– George Bernard Shaw

The Connected Home Contractor event is the brainchild of Service Nation Inc., an organization dedicated to helping residential contractors grow. Service Nation has over five thousand members globally and is the largest residential alliance group in the world. The Connected Home Contractor event is for residential contractors who want to maintain their competitive edge and remain connected to their customers.

Connected Home simplified is broken down into 3 distinct offerings


  • Easy to sell (Camera‚Äôs & video doorbell) Products that sell themselves
  • Keeps your company relevant with all customer types
  • Small monthly fee for cloud storage of video cameras

Home Awareness

  • Brings ALL the Connected home products together into ONE app
  • Same professionally installed products sold by Security Companies
  • Monthly fee (Basis for growing you RMR model)

Pro Monitoring

  • This is what Security companies offer
  • Requires Security licensing in ~20 states and central station monitoring agreement
  • We are here to help you take this journey after launching of Lifestyle / Home Awareness


The premiere event for residential contractors and the connected home

Households with +$100K income are: 2.5x more likely to be connected & 3x more likely to have multiple devices

Security & Safety

Utilities Management

Wellness Monitoring