Connected Home Contractor Summit

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The Connected Home Contractor show is the must see event for any residential contracting company looking to retain their competitive edge. Technology has transformed the landscape in every industry and companies that are proactive thrive while those who wait wither and die. Residential contracting is no different and IoT (Internet of Things) is primed to change the game for residential contractors in HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical. How will your company stay afloat and grow during this transition? IoT is the catalyst for this change and is already being implemented in homes across the globe.

This show will help you get an edge on your competitors, solidify your relationship with your customers, and provide your company with a recurring that is not susceptible to seasonality.

Get the tools you need to connect to your customers and keep you customer connected.

$2,995 fee includes registration, accommodations, food, and cruise.

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